On-Site Visa Service at Cary Chinese School on Saturday, 9:30am - 11:30am

ChinaStar Visa Center will have an on-site Chinese Visa group service at Cary Chinese School:

Please prepare your visa documents according to the list above and bring them to the on-site service for this special group visa service.  Discounted visa fee: $175/person, which includes the Embassy's visa fee and agency fee and shipping and handling fee.   Pay by a personal check or cash.

Sample Invitation Letter for a Q Visa (探亲签证邀请信样本)

Invitation Letter:

A visitor visa (Q Visa) must have an invitation letter from a Chinese citizen who lives inside China. The invitation shall include the following: 
1, invitees personal information: name, sex, date of birth, relation with the inviter,
2, travel information: arrival and departure dates to China, places to visit, who will cover the cost. 
3, inviter's information: name, telephone number, address, signature.
4. Invitation letter must be written in Chinese! Invitees name could be in English.
5. Invitation letter must be a scanned eletronic copy. Do not use a letter with original signature - make a photocopy.


  • 亲签证 (Q Visa) 必需要有居住在中国境内的中国公民或具有中国永久居留资格的外国公民出具的邀请函件。该邀请函须包含以下内容:1、被邀请人个人信息:姓名、性别、出生日期等;2、被邀请人访问信息:来华事由、抵离日期、访问地点、与邀请人关系、费用来源等;3、邀请人信息:姓名、联系电话、地址、邀请人签字等。 
  • 邀请信必需是中文!被邀请人姓名可以是英文。
  • 邀请信可以是电子扫描的复印件。 如果提供的是有邀请信原件,必需有邮寄信封为证!
  • 附上邀请人的中国身份证正面和反面的复印件

海外出身华裔儿童应该申请中国签证还是旅行证?(Should a US-born child apply for a visa or a travel doc?)

以下是中国驻美大使馆当前执行的政策 - 2018年9月4日更新

  1. 儿童出生时, 父母双方均持外国护照,儿童应该申请签证;
  2. 儿童出生时, 父母双方均持中国护照,双方持有外国居留权(如美国绿卡,加拿大枫叶卡),儿童应该申请签证;
  3. 儿童出生时, 父母双方均持中国护照,双方均不持有外国居留权(如美国绿卡,加拿大枫叶卡), 儿童应该申请旅行证;
  4. 儿童出生时, 父母双方均持中国护照,仅有一方持有外国居留权(如美国绿卡,加拿大枫叶卡),儿童应该申请签证(这一条常变);
  5. 儿童出生时, 父母一方持中国护照,一方持外国护照,持中国护照的一方有外国居留权(如美国绿卡,加拿大枫叶卡),儿童应该申请签证(这一条常变);
  6. 儿童出生时, 父母一方持中国护照,一方持外国护照,持中国护照的一方儿童出生时不持有外国居留权(如美国绿卡,加拿大枫叶卡), 儿童应该申请旅行证.

Documents for a Chinese Visitor or Tourist Visa

US and Canada citizens could apply 10-year multiple entries visa for visitor (Q2) or tourist(L).

1) Please fill an official China Visa application form using a computer

2)  One 2"x2" color photo 
3)  Original passport that is valid for a minimum of one-year
4) A photocopy of your passport ID page 
5) A photocopy of your last Chinese visa if you had.
6) Additional document if you were born in China (Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macau).
7) Additional documents for a child born in US
8) Invitation letter and Chinese ID or flight and hotel reservations:
Visitor (Q) Visa: Invitation letter and invitee's Chinese ID copy (front and back).
Tourist (L) Visa: for a tourist visa application, a flight itinerary and a hotel reservation

9)Photocopy of applican't driver license (parent's driver license copy if the applicant is a child).
10) For a Canadian citizen/other country citizen, please include a photocopy of your US visa or your green card.
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